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Are You The CEO of Your Own Life?
Let’s just face it. You are what you call yourself. You are what you believe yourself to be. Me, personally, as a military spouse, I called myself just that. 

But somehow being JUST a military spouse didn’t resonate with how important I really am in the family “Unit” (You can probably relate in your situation).

If you ask the I.R.S. what I am they will say I am the head of the household. But again, something about that term is not as majestic as it should, would, or could be.
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This is why College is a Waste of Time! “Old School” Mindset and how it Hurts Your Future!
So before we get started, we know this article is going to piss a lot of people off! We’ll say that right up front! But, we’re willing to take the close minded skepticism in order to drive our point home and hopefully reach a few aspiring minds that can think “outside” the old school box.

So let us explain by started out with Jason’s story… I was raised in a family that had no college education and barely a high school education. My parents were both entrepreneurs and ran their own businesses and did not need the “typical” education that is so often pushed onto our youth today. 
Are You Wasting Your Time?
Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques..
When choosing affiliate products to promote, you want to pick products that cost more so that you make a higher commission per sale, however, in order to ensure your business is sustainable and remains profitable, you need to have a whole range of products at different price points.

Why is this so important? Because your target audience has 1) different comfort levels of spending, 2) if one of your products goes belly-up, you still have dozens of other products to sell at different price points, and most importantly (3), customers that are able to afford all different price points can be pushed up the “profit ladder,” which means you are able to get them to continue buying increasingly more expensive products.
Are You Getting Everything Possible?
Affiliate Marketing Fairy Tales! Know Your Own BIZ!!
There are many “fairy tales” circulating around out there about affiliate marketing, and is what causes businesses to look the other way when it comes to starting an affiliate program. This furthermore discourages people looking to start their very own affiliate marketing business selling other people’s products for a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative option for a business who has products as well as for partners that are interested in selling those products on a commission basis. 

Let’s look at some of the fairy tales that are circulating around out there about affiliate marketing and how each of these fairy tales can affect you and where you want to go with your business.
Do You Know All The Facts? Get Educated!
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How We Help Hundreds of People Succeed!
What's Your Action Plan For 2017?
The smartest businesses grow by being customer-focused and poised to act quickly:

We believe successful business growth strategies require a ruthless focus on understanding unmet or underserved customer needs, and quickly developing new offers and experiences that deliver on them. Business growth is best achieved when an organization is customer-focused and poised to act quickly. In order to realize the most impact, companies need to act faster than the competition, and do so in a sustainable, feasible way.
Given our unique capabilities and engagement models, we know how to build an integrated plan that will drive success and growth for your business in both the short and long term. Our outside-in perspective leverages external inspiration and analytical rigor to identify unmet needs in the market that will drive the most impact for your business. Our co-creation ideation process combines fresh, consumer-focused yet competition-minded, non-linear thinking to ensure your market moves are disruptive, yet practical.
We collaborate with key stakeholders to build an integrated business growth plan and blue print of moves so you can execute on your vision to win. We enable businesses to accelerate growth quickly and profitably with our distinctive blend of analytical thinking and highly creative, co-creation methods to mobilize your organization, instead of disrupting it.
Set up a meeting to accelerate your business growth today. By phone or email: 253-548-5469 or shoot us an email at [email protected] or fill out our free business strategy assessment.

Problems We Solve:
>> Where should we look for our next wave of growth?
>> Who are my most valuable customers today and in the future?
>> What is my roadmap or plan to win?
>> How do I brand my business for success?
>> What is the right set of moves to drive growth quickly and profitably?
Services We Offer:
>> Marketing and Customer Insights, Segmentation
>> Value Propositions
>> Go-to-Market Strategy, Business Plans & Playbooks
>> Growth Strategy
>> New Products, Services and Experiences
>> Marketing Strategy and Activation
>> Sales Funnels and Customer Acquisition
>> eBook Authorship
>> Book Authorship and Publishing (Barnes and Noble, Amazon and World-Wide)
>> Business Branding and Positioning
>> Customer Acquisition Through Advertising Online or Offline
>> Lead Generation / Email Marketing
Some of Our Well Known Certifications! 
1st April - 17 Minutes a day business formula. Learn how to start or add additional income in 17 Minutes per day.
10th April - 7-Figure Business Formula. Learn how to drive a new start-up or your existing business to 7-figures as fast as possible.
16 April - Your DOTCOM Life. Discover the secrets through this 21-step training series. Uncover how to completely live the DOTCOM Life.
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Get a free copy of our latest "kickass" eBook!

"Killer Online Marketing Blueprint"
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